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Tuxspace will be closing on Friday 28th September at 18:00 UTC
Please take this as your reminder to download your archive (found in Settings -> Data Export)

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The first week of our manpage-reading starts on Monday, tomorrow - join us!

The manpages for this week are:

* Monday: afterboot(8)
* Tuesday: syspatch(8)
* Wednesday: intro(8)
* Thursday: security(8)

Grab your favorite medium (you can even print them out, it's fun!), read through it, tell us what you learned by using afterwards!

A one-day full list: pull-requests welcome!

Fun mastodon client on my desktop:

Usually I use my phone for mastodon, the desktop client is rather heavy, and I'm not a fan. But brutaldon is a great alternative! It's fast, minimal, and you can make it look like an old terminal. Installation (on Linux) is 5 minutes. It's python and django.

Today's reading:

OpenBSD admins, when updating a server, do you just backup (off site):


Or is the 'correct' way to backup /etc

And do you just use /var/backup as a fall-back for Vim-fingers?

reading questions

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It's late, doing some lazy reading, and listening to Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

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I've been trying out different guest operating systems in #OpenBSD #vmm and @romanzolotarev has been aggregating the results. Would like to see some results for mainstream Linux / BSD guests. maybe IllumOS/Solaris, FreeDOS. Help us out.

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What is the recommended doas.conf that people actually use. I have:

permit persist keepenv :wheel

Is this overly broad?


Wish me luck. Afternoon off. Going shopping with N. We'll visit Ikea. If Ikea stock goes up, then things didn't go well, and we bought half the store.

- sometimes the patriarchy is powerless

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In case you missed it: I made a #Mastodon Shortcode for #Hugo, a static site generator. Embed all the toots into your #blog posts!

Seriously, the afterboot man-page is the best man-page I ever read. People sometimes say openbsd is not user friendly, but what other os has anything like it?

Current project: read at least one man - page a day for a month. Day 1...

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A tiny Espresso Macchiato, now continue reading "The book of pf". Sunday - funday.

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Looking for more sources of audio/visual material in #publicdomain or #CreativeCommons or licenses giving similar freedom for creative (re)use.
Other than the 'classics' wikimedia,, ccsearch, openclipart,, librivox, freemusicarchive, fontlibrary, freesound

Retoot to write a list together!

For the #OpenDesignCourse for refugees, starting on Monday.

@tom79 just noticed the "who to follow" button in the sidebar, great feature (did I just miss it before?)!

PS If it is a pun on Twitter, then ok, but it should be "whom to follow"

Despite this terribly missed "m", _astalab is a great app ☺

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More sites should do this: extremely accessible, no-frills websites:

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