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Octobyte @octobyte@tuxspace.net

One more day of working late. One more.

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So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

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I want to install Linux on a Switch, but meh. Don't think I'll ever find the chance to do it

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Gandi has gone down... whelp

"No bull* since 1999" yeah right

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#tusky community, do you want to have Quick Reply feature in notifications? In other words, you click a reply button and then you can send a reply right from the notification.

You can see @ConnyDuck 's concerns here -> https://github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/pull/587
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Splatoon v3.0 livestream netcode testing :splatoon: :thinking_very_hard:

25th April @ 18.00 BST, 13.00 EDT


Anyway we're all good. Time to sleep

Caddy + SELinux issues, once again

Alright, migration seems to have gone smoothly. I'm gonna knock the server offline for 15 mins or so to migrate to v2.3.3

Cc @SlidingHorn

If anyone is getting HTTPS not secure on Tuxspace, don't worry. I needed to renew my Let's Encrypt. Sorry about that. Try clearing your cache


Tuxspace is back up. Migrated hosts. Will see how this goes before upgrading to 2.3.3. Expect more downtime

Alright, tucked into bed. Time to hack the bash terminal

Eh, for what it's worth, I'll upgrade to 2.3.3 tonight. Now I have users on the instance, I can't get lazy

Mastodon server here at Tuxspace will be going down for migration to a new host at the start of next month. Downscaling things, moving off OVH. Should be minimal downtime

And @guiambros

Wow I really should check my notifications more often. Thanks for joining :D