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Oliver Brammer @octobyte@tuxspace.net

#mastoadmin there is another #spambot net that is starting to register accounts.

They are all using relay=" (mailasrvs.pw)" as their email server.

Don't forget your firmware updates.

There were recently some important bug fixes for Intel firmware images.

On Fedora Workstation the Gnome Software Center will notify you about these updates and provide a button to install.

You have to reboot to apply the update.

If you prefer to do it yourself by CLI, here is the command:

fwupdmgr update

Running Arch, Gentoo, LFS or any other DIY linux distro? Check that you have fwupd installed:

#linux #intel #firmware #update


Calling this new Gmail mode “confidential” is—in our opinion—misleading. There is nothing confidential about email that Google can still read. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/07/betw source: twitter.com/eff/status/1020465

What if when you compile, half your program gets deleted at random

Mum's Google Pixel has a microphone defect. Oof. I'm worried about mine now.

Tired of feeling so apathetic about working on personal projects :/

#ArsTechnica is running this story from 2013 again, stating that essentially nothing has changed in Google's strategy, and adding a few updates from 2018.

#Google’s iron grip on #Android: Controlling #OpenSource by any means necessary


This corporate form of 'open source' is exactly what the Free Software movement has been warning about.

#FOSS is not just for nerds - it affects our 'non-techie' friends too! It's just not a technology issue - it's a global social issue.

mountenpath. pulling inspiration from my trip to japan, such an amazing place... and I really miss the food

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook mastodon.art/media/XDf1wOdKsBo

While I'm digging through my shelf of spare parts, here, have 400GB of DDR3 ECC RAM

Why do people keep trying to set my apartments on fire

All fine. I need off site backups

There has definitely been a fire

Just got back to find there's been a fire at my apartment block. I was out food shopping with mum and apparently someone's had a cigarette and lit the bins on fire. Think everything is okay.

After spending 3 nights away in London and eating far too many meals out, it’s nice to finally come back home. 🏠 🐶 💓

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support