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Oliver Brammer @octobyte

3 years in the making, my home office computer lab is finally done! πŸŽ‰

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@octobyte Think of all the columns you could pin in Mastodon

@jk @octobyte You just opened the same page 7 times, I SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES YOSEF

@Gargron @jk I could actually do that legit with 3 instances, heh

@Gargron @octobyte that's a beautiful clean setup. We have those monitors at work. Kinda pricey but excellent quality.

@GeekDaddy that be the computer, but yep it does look a bit like a microwave xD

@octobyte I know. I'm just used to call that form-factor this way. I think it started when I was young and one of my uncles came to my room and asked why I have microwave on desk

Primarily used for software development, with the server on the right being a re-purposed workstation. Gonna be doing DevOps stuff as well as server-side engineering. OS is Solus with Budgie wm

@octobyte Ooooooh! Also: aaaaaah!

(What's the box w/ all the XLR hookups, if I may ask?)

@greyduck Just my mixer going into the computer + Nintendo Switch. Used for livestreams

@octobyte wish I had the space and my own furniture to make such a setup...

@octobyte har man I love this. The view looks real ace too and you're like NOPE I don't need to see that shite. Foomp. 3 monitor black out blind. πŸ˜†

Looks amazing fun setup.

@david_ross Yeah, I'm beginning to miss the view of the plaza. But I have breakfast on the balcony, and can still see it standing up

@vease MX Master is a productivity mouse, the G703 is for gaming

@octobyte Noice! I thought I was straight out of Neuromancer with a blue led on my mouse.

@Wolf480pl MX Master is a productivity mouse, the G703 is for gaming

@octobyte tfw. I use G300s for productivity (and 3 times a year for gaming)

@Wolf480pl Had the MX Master for ages, but the input lag is terrible on it. Hence why I got the 703

I had three wireless mice, all would every so often have problems with wireless range, and replacing/charging the batteries was a nuissance. Since I got myself a wired one, never had any problems of that sort.
And I guess input lag with wired mice is smaller, too. Dunno how to check tho.

@octobyte That's very sleek. Can you send me a link for that keyboard? ;)

@tedprice But the base model was a Das Keyboard Pro 4. I modified the switches and keycaps. The pack can be found on Amazon, so will send you a link over

@octobyte Oliver, my complements. Mine has two stacks of paper, a Hard drive toaster, and two backup drives stacked covered with flash drives, several empty cups from this morning alongside of my Linux Mascot.

@octobyte For such a sweet setup those speakers are looking a bit underwhelming. :D

@robert hah yeah, they're the oldest part of the setup. I got them 10 years ago, hah

It's nice and all, but where do you keep your stacks of papers/notepads, old drink cups/cans, and other random things that you would never use or look at?? I didn't see where they might be....


@supergoose I have a set of drawers where the PC is sitting on (left). Plus a filing cabinet in the other room. I put things away when I'm not using them

@supergoose also, coasters are in boxes. I only moved in this week

"I put things away when I'm not using them"

That sounds like an awful lot of work... +shudders+

But in all seriousness, your workstation looks sweet